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Do you need repair or replacement of your garage door opener? We at Houston Garage Door Experts are here to assist you in all your garage door opener problems. As an expert garage door service provider with years of experience on the field, we are happy and ready to help you in any garage door opener issue.

What We Do

We take pride in providing our clients with service designed to fix garage door openers as soon as possible. We do this by paying close attention to every detail of the problem. This way, we can pinpoint the exact problem of the garage door opener. By knowing exactly what the problem is, we can find the right solution to fix your opener problem.

Problems with garage door openers are quite common, the reason why customers often need expert help from time to time. There are two common ways to fix a malfunctioning garage door opener – realign the photo eyes and replace the sprockets or gears. These solutions sound easily done on your own but fixing it by yourself could very well lead to disaster.

This is because the garage door is a heavy object with tremendous pressure at work. If you are not familiar with its mechanism, it could fall on you and hurt you. Although you are only going to fix the opener, you might still have to work on the garage door itself. To prevent accidents from happening, calling for a professional help is the best course of action.

Houston Garage Door Experts can repair any kind of garage door opener problem including repair or replacement of motors, circuit boards, belts, and all other components. These parts might need repair, replacement, or adjustment and we are exactly the team you need for that. Whatever the make and model of your opener, our team is confident we can help.

Conducting Garage Door Repair with Strict Safety Compliance

When repairing any garage door parts, safety compliance is a must. We understand its importance and always follow it strictly. If you leave your broken garage door opener alone, the initial simple problem can become serious. To prevent that from happening, you need help from trained garage door experts to understand the problem, diagnose it properly and implement the right solution.

We take pride in conducting openers service professionally, never leaving it unsolved. We do our best to solve it the best that we can. If your garage door opener is becoming a big headache, don’t wait and waste your time. Call us immediately and schedule an appointment. We are ready and happy to help assist you in any way we can.

Garage Door Opener Maintenance

In addition to repair, we also conduct a maintenance service for your garage door opener. The fact is it is one of the most overlooked components of a garage door even though people actually use it every day. Most of the time, people don’t notice about the opener until it starts to malfunction or until it finally breaks.  Instead of diagnosing the problem of your opener, you can simply ask for professional help.

Houston Garage Door Experts have been providing repair, replacement, and maintenance service to Houston, TX and surrounding areas for years. We can help your garage door get back to working like its brand new again. We do that through our understanding of the most common garage door opener problems and employing the right solutions.


Over the years of using your garage door opener, the plastic gears can end up grind down due to overuse or due to other problems. Our experts can properly diagnose and repair your opener’s gear problems in no time.


The sensors are a part of the opener that can also cause issues if not properly handled. Most of the time, you will need to replace the opener’s sensors to make it work properly again. Since it is very sensitive and easily damaged, expert hands are needed.


Electric Components

Time is the enemy of your garage door opener. It can cause the wires of the opener to start to break down or lead to a number of other issues. Our solution for this includes replacing the electric wires and the opener’s other components to allow it to work again.

Contact Houston Garage Door Experts for professional opener service whenever you need.

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