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Fix Torsion Spring

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Houston Garage Door Experts is a leading service provider ready to take care of your garage door springs. We can provide you a high standard solution to fix your torsion springs tension as soon as possible. Our Houston, TX garage experts’ team understands the needs to get your torsion springs back to working order quickly.

The torsion spring is a critical element of every garage door making it important that it is taken care of possibly on the same day it broke. For that reason, we recommend that you call our expert immediately to fix it. As an experienced garage door expert, you can leave it to us to fix your torsion springs in no time.

Affordably Priced Torsion Springs Repair by Expert Garage Technicians

The torsion spring is the part of the garage door that, when properly installed, allows the weight of the door to be distributed evenly. It bears the weight of the door’s entire assembly. This makes it incredibly important that an expert in the field of garage door repair fixes or replaces the torsion spring.

If the repair or replacement of torsion springs is conducted by a non-expert, your garage door will likely suffer from further damage. Additionally, repairing a garage door can be hazardous if done by a non-expert. Fortunately, Houston Garage Door

Experts have a team of experts ready to help fix your torsion springs.

Our team can repair the torsion spring of your garage door at a competitive price. We offer you service with a maximum satisfaction guarantee. Our team of certified and licensed technicians can help fix torsion springs with any kind of defect. Our experts can ensure that with expertise earned from their special training.

All of workers and technicians have undergone extensive training in garage door repair and installation. Under this training, they gained the skills to handle any defect or issue in your garage door. In addition, our team of garage repair experts has good experience in working with all kinds of garage doors.

What Kind of Garage Door Spring Do You Need To Be Repaired?

There are two types of springs we can repair – torsion springs and extension springs. What kind of spring system do you have? Is it torsion springs, which are located directly above the garage door? Perhaps it is extension spring system running along and parallel to the garage door’s track?

No matter the type of spring system your garage door has, Houston Garage Door Experts is prepared to fix them in a single visit. We carry both types of springs, which we can use to fix your garage door back in perfect shape. We use the best products and the best practices to fix torsion springs or extension springs.

Repair Both Springs

Most garage doors have two springs. When one spring malfunctions, it is a good indication that the other spring will break down as well. After all, both have suffered the same wear and tear over the years. That being the case, it will save you a lot of trouble if you will have both springs repaired at the same time.

Use the Correct Springs

We have all kinds and sizes of springs at our inventory. We carry a wide array of garage door springs to ensure we can use the correct springs for your garage door.  Rest assured that we use only the right size of spring for your tension spring or extension spring system for the safety and balance of your garage door.

Safety Inspection

Houston Garage Door Experts provide safety inspection with every spring repair to make sure that your door’s hardware and moving parts are all in good working condition. Our safety inspection service also ensures that our repair meets all safety standards.

It is possible that some of the mechanical parts of your door are worn out even though you’ve had your springs repaired. That means those mechanical parts might be in an unsafe state. We can provide you free safety inspection to maintain these mechanical parts and ensure you have a safe environment.


Why Hire Houston Garage Door Experts

If you need help to fix your torsion springs, then you don’t need to look for any other garage door service. Houston Garage Door Experts provide a wide array of services at a competitive price along with free estimates and consultations designed to fix your home at the soonest possible time.

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